Per Kristian Nordøy has education as a fisheries economist. He has been involved in the establishment of the fish feed producer BioMar and later worked there as sales- and marketing director for 2 periods for a total of 20 years. Per Kristian Nordøy has been CEO of Fjord Seafood Norway ASA for 3 years. This company was then one of the world’s largest fish farming companies and later became part of MOWI. Over the last 5 years Per Kristian has established and further developed many aquaculture companies. He has been central to the development of the research company LetSea AS, hi is the general manager of Grytåga Settefisk AS and works on aquaculture projects in the Kapnord Found, which is an investment fund aimed at the seafood industry in northern Norway. Through his company, Ecomarin AS has become a part-owner in Fish Farm Solutions Sp. z o.o. and actively participates there as a board member.